Product Types


Cannabis foods, more informally known as edibles, are food products made with cannabis in herbal or resin form as an ingredient. They are consumed as an alternate delivery means to experience the effects of cannabinoids without smoking or vaporizing cannabis or hashish. Instead, the cannabinoids are put into cake, cookies, or other foods, and are consumed for medicinal purposes.


‘Buds’ are the most common form of marijuana that is purchased. You may recognize these as leafy buds that have THC crystals encompassing their surface. There are hundreds of different strains of cannabis buds. Strawberry cough, for example, is one of our favorites. When you are buying buds ask the dispensary employees for help choosing the right strain that will fit you needs the best.


THC concentrates come in the form of honey oil or butter. Cannabis butter can be used to make edibles by preparing food like normal using the cannabis butter as a cooking ingredient. It is a basis and fundamental method of creating edibles. Great care must be taken when using THC concentrates, it is very potent and powerful. Too much could cause discomfort if they are not used to the effects.


Seeds are where it all starts. You plant a seed, and the plant grows. In this case the plant is cannabis, and the fruits of the plant is medicine that eases pain and helps adults relax. On top of all the other products sold at dispensaries, you can find seeds for sale. There are many different types of seed, and the seed you choose will determine the type of cannabis that will grow.